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Register to Vote

Why Register to Vote ?    More Information below.   
 Below are three easy ways you can Register so you can Vote !  
  This is your first step to break the Apathy that keeps Citizens from
giving Elected Officials and Democracy Good Power.
     1.  From home; (this is the easiest way to register)
               Click on Google  or any search engine.
               Enter: "voter registration form" and your "state"
               Find your State's form, print it, fill it out and mail it.
               You may have to do a little looking to find the form.
               Some are easy to find some require more work.
     2. Go to your post office.   
               Get a registration card, fill it out and mail it.  It's that easy.  
               Click on  nearest post office  if you need to find location
     3. Go to your County Voter Registration Office. 
               For location: Goto Google or any search engine.
             Enter: your "county" with words "county voter registration office"
              You may have to do a little looking.  
              If you need a map use Mapquest or MapsGoogle
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Why Register to Vote ?Top of Page

If you are not Registered it has two effects;
1.  Bad Elected Official know you are not Registered, you do not count and you have almost no influence over them.     
2.  Good Elected Official have lost the Good Power you give them to pass Good Laws and may force them to compromise with Bad Power and pass Bad Laws in order to pass good ones.  
In either case, you and your fellow Citizens lose !
   These effects are very real and reduces the Good Power in a Majority.
Registering is the first important step to influencing your Democracy.  

More Information below.Top of Page

General Information
Voter registration is controlled by the state you live.   Your home address determines which city, county, state and federal districts you are in.  Those you elected to run your districts are your Elected Officials and write the rules of the game.  .      
When can Citizens register?
Citizens may register at any  time.  ( see how above)
However, States require citizens to be registered 15-30 days (states vary) prior to the day of an election.  
Identification to register;
Registering to vote is easy but requires following ID regardless if you register online, at your post office or your voter registration office. 
Most sates require; address, zip, driver’s license number or state ID card number.  If do not have a driver’s license or state ID card, registering will require last four digits (some states require all) of your Social Security Number (SSN). 
ID will be required the day you vote.  Take them with you. Once registered you remain registered unless you move. If you move remember to re-register so you remain eligible to vote.
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