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Electoral Votes by StateTop of Page

Source: www.USElectionAtlas.org
Source: www.USElectionAtlas.org

Electorial CollegeTop of Page

The Electorial College can be a little confusing.
 Hopefully the following will be of some help.
The Electorial College is only used to elect the President and Vice President.  It was designed and written into our original
Contitution (Article II, section 1)   and   Amendments ( XII and, XXIII )
Each state is assigned electorial votes according to the size of its population.  The population of each state is determined by a census taken every 10 years.  The last cencus was taken 2000.
A candidate wins all the electorial votes of that state by winning the majority of votes made by the citizens of that state.  The looser(s) wins none.  It is a state by state winner take all process.    
The candidate winning the majority of  Electorial Votes nationally,
wins the elections and is our next President.  

Play Electorial CollegeTop of Page

This is a great way to see how the Electorial College effects voting.
Adjust %'s in the Kerry Column and votes adjust automatically.
The election is much closer than most citizens realize.

1990 vs 2000 Census EffectTop of Page

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