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Make a Difference

You ask how?  It's easy when you know where you are going!
By far, a majority of the Human Race just wants Well-Being.  But to have it people need a system they Trust and will agree to follow.  
America offered Freedom with Democracy.  It was so powerful millions of people left their homelands and came to America, not seeking world dominance but Freedom and Well-Being.
Today, more than ever, our global community needs that kind of Hope and Leadership.  Without it the alternative is probably war.  History shows that Nations that oppressed people, created war and became an Empire, failed.  
So, how can you make a difference ?
You and your family live according to the Laws our Elected Officials write.  Your Freedom, Environment, income, privacy and all aspects of your Well-Being are determined by those Laws.  So, one might ask; who in our Democracy has 'Supreme Power' over your Elected Officials ?  

The answer is Citzens using Majority Rule.  It is built one Citizen at a time so every Citizen counts !  If Citizens just like you do not speak up Democracy will follow the few who do.  And, if those few are grounded in greed and oppression, so will your Democracy.
But, Citizens who are Networked, share Truth and use their Supreme Power can protect their Freedom, Environment and Well-Being.  The majority of Citizens seek something much greater than greed and oppression, it's Well-Being.
Citizens must give Democracy what it needs so it can give us;
"Real" Freedom and "Real" Democracy.
 A Democracy with that kind of Spirit is in our;
Only Citizens, like you, give Democracy the Power it needs to
provide Freedom, protect our Environment and seek Well-Being.
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