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Just use Democracy

Democracy    Networking    Decisions    Informing    Accountable    You did it !   
This is how you get the Power to do it !
             1. Learn how to play Democracy.
             2. Network, focus on Issues, find Truth and Share it.
             3. Decisions made Democratically.
             4. Inform your Elected Officials.
             5. Hold them Accountable.
 It's easier than you think.   Meet you at the bottom of this page.

DemocracyTop of Page

How do you start?
Pretend you are playing a game called Democracy. 
What's the object of the game?
Keeping and protecting your Freedom , Envirornment.and Well Being.
How do you win?
Network with others in your Districts, find Truth, make Decisions by Majority Rule , then, inform and hold your Elected Officials accountable.
Those who control your Elected Officials... Win !
Rules of the Game...

1.  These documents give Citizens "Supreme" Power over their Elected Officials.
Later, you may want to print these documents and read them at your leisure.  They are some of the most important documents you will ever own.  Not for what they say, but for what they do!
2.    Players are called Citizens, given Individual Freedom and have the right to vote for their Elected Officials who write the Rules of the Game.

3.  Citizens must be 18 years of age and Registered before they can Vote.  Citizens not Registered to Vote have little or no Power over their Elected Officials.
Clues how to WIN;

1. It's all about Power; whoever has the Power over your Elected Officials will determine your Well-Being.

2. Good Power: helps many, protects your Environment and seeks Well Being.  To have it you need to be Networked, seek Truth, make Decisions by Majority Rule, then, inform and hold your Elected Officials accountable.  WebStrarr is building the tools to do it.

3. Bad Power: helps few, harms the Environment and rules by oppression.  It keeps hidden agendas, spreads dis-informing and intimidates Elected Officials.  If not stopped Citizens will gradually loose their Freedom to protect thier Environment and maintain Well-Being. 
4. Who has the advantage?
You do!  Citizens have "Supreme" Power over Elected Officials to change the Rules as they wish to seek Well-Being.  Also, there are more Citizens than any other type of player and the more who play.. the easier it is for them to W I N !
Your doing great !
Last 4-steps are much shorter but very Powerful.

NetworkingTop of Page

Networking with others in your Districts is the very core of Democaracy.  When Citizens focus on important Issues, find Truth and share it creates Consensus and starts building something very Powerful, WebStarr calls it Critical Mass. 

A well Networked web community with Critical Mass will have enough Power to help Good Elected Officials and hold others accountable.   The only thing Citizens need are a few Web Tools and the desire to do it !  

DecisionsTop of Page

When Citizens make decisions Democratically, it means they vote using Majority Rule which develops Consensus and builds Critical Mass.   However, Consensus alone lacks the Power to hold Elected Officials accountable.  But, Critical Mass has the Power
"IF" your Elected Officials know "You know" you have it !
Critical Mass has the Power to hold Officials accountable.
   For a web community to build Critical Mass in their Districts it will need powerful, easy to use web tools that deliver all aspects of this process.

InformingTop of Page

Informing Elected Officials of a Decision after achieving Critical Mass is one thing.  But, delivering that Decision so your Elected Official knows that you know you have Critical Mass is very different and Powerful.  Critical Mass can hold Elected Officials accountable.  
When an Elected Official knows you know, you have Critical Mass,
that's the moment you have the POWER to hold him accountable!
To make this happen Citizens need a system that delivers your Decisions with the POWER in Critical Mass and gets your Elected Official to respond directly to you about your Decisions.

AccountableTop of Page

Good Elected Officials benifit when Citizens are watching and holding Officials accountable.  Critical Mass brings Good Power to good Elected Officials and protects them from Bad Power. But how will Citizens know if Officias are doing what Citizens have asked them to do?
Citizens holding Elected Officials accountable,
is the key to Democracy and having Well-Being.
To do it, Volunteers will be needed in every District to observe Elected Officials and report back to Citizens.  Guidelines will need to be developed to assure independent and non-partisan reporting.  Volunteers will also need a system to deliver their findings.

You did it !Top of Page

Hope you learned a few things and realize every Citizen counts,
are the protectors of Freedom, Well-Being and our Environment.
And most of all, Citizens can Win the game of Democracy!
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