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Getting Started

1st  Register to Vote    2nd  Find your Elected Officials    3rd  Web-Tools to do it !   
Lets start playing Democracy... for real.

1st  Register to VoteTop of Page

Good things happen when you Register to Vote.
   When you are Registered, good Elected Officials have more Power to write good Laws and stop bad ones.  And, they are less to compromise with bad Elected Officials.
If you are not Registered, bad Elected Officials know you have almost no influence over them and are free to do as they will.      
These effects on your Elected Officials are very real.
    If you need to Register, take a minute and see how easy it is...

2nd  Find your Elected OfficialsTop of Page

Knowing "Your" Districts lets you Network with others in your Districts and start building Critical Mass to hold your Elected Officials accountable.
Finding your Districts will let you find your Elected Officials.  
2. Use these links to find your 4-Disitricts and fill in form.
City     County     State    Federal
( these links also appear as tabs at the top of each page )    
By the way, have you noticed your becoming Pro-Active...

3rd  Web-Tools to do it !Top of Page

The web-community WebStarr has in mind will need
more than informaiton and e-mails.
   Citizens lacking time and knowledge need simple, quick, easy to use web-tools to do it.  Currently no web site provides the kind of web-tools WebStar has in mind.
Citizens are the only ones who would want to build them...
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