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Const. Schedule

Phase 1 : Online    Phase 2 :  Web Tools    Phase 3 : Improve    Phase 4 : Citizen Ideas   
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WebStarr is a web community using Democracy for Well-Being.

Phase 1 : OnlineTop of Page

Highlighted links are work completed or in progress. 
>Online: an Idea, Volunteers and Democracy !                      
>Back to Basics: who are we, where we going ?     
>Use your Democracy : its how we can get there !
>Getting Started : Taking your frist steps.
>Newsletter : sign up and stay in touch.
>City Blogs : Get one and lets start Networking,
>Pass It On : the more who play, the easier to win !

>Help build WebStarr : donations using Pay Pal.

Next projects
>Finding your Districts and Elected Officials.
>Issues: how to orgnaize, prioritize and focus on important ones.  
>Links to find Truth:  a rich, well organized library of links.
>Log-In system: lets WebStarr Network Citizens by Districts.
>Expand Blogs allowing more sharing and Networking.
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Phase 2 :  Web ToolsTop of Page

For a web-community to hold Elected Officials accountable it will need powerful easy to use web-tools like the following;
>Easy to use Blogs to organize and share information.
>E-Districts to Network by City, County, State and Federal districts.
>Extensive rich library of Links to Truthful information.
>E-Voting to determine which Issues are important.  
>Real-time voting results to build Critical Mass on those Issues.
>A system to deliver decisions and replys to Elected Officials.
>Watchdog system to monitor your Elected Officials.
>Watchdog reporting system to inform you of your Officials activities.
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Phase 3 : ImproveTop of Page

More Networking, more Critical Mass and more Influence.
>Improve hardware software capabilities to serve more Citizens.
>Expand interactive Citizen networking related to Issues and voting.
>Improve Citizen to Citizen and Elected Official communication.
>Improve networking on all levels to achieve increased influence.
>Donations in the future will build these 2nd generation web-tools.

Phase 4 : Citizen IdeasTop of Page

During Phase 3 of Constrction Citizens will be able to Vote as to what they want WebStarr to do during Phase 4 of Construction.
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