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Prioritizing  Issues

Because Issues are endless and always changing,
Citizens need a way to stay focused and prioritize issues.
What is needed is logic so basic Citizens immediately know it makes sense.  What would that logic be?  What would it look like?  
Maybe something like this:
1st  Environment.  Why?  Humans only survive a few minutes without air, a few days without water or a few weeks without food.  Our Environment is the only source of those things, making it our most precious resource.  All life depends on it!  
2nd  Humanity: a people seeking a Well-Being having freedom to speak, work, travel, live in peace and provide for oneself and family.  A community that defends its Well-Being for all, shares Truth, protects its Environment, educates its people and helps those in need.    
3rd  Government: writes the rules according to the wishes of Humanity to provide humane order and maintain Well-Being.  A Democracy that gives its Citizens supreme power by Majority Rule to adjust the rules as necessary while in pursuit of their Well-Being. 
4th  Business: Business may serve Humanity according to the rules Government has written for its Citizens.  Within those rules Business is free to produce what it wishes and make a reasonable profit.  However, under no circumstances will any Business or Industry gain enough wealth or power to oppress Citizens, harm the Environment or suppress Well-Being.   
Currently Business is telling Government how to write the rules, Government is telling Humanity how it is and never mind the Environment.  Business by its very nature lacks the dynamics necessary to achieve and maintain Well-Being.
 Perhaps this is a better way for Citizens to prioritize Issues.
Environment...  Humanity...  Government...  Business...
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